Directed and Edited by Denholm Hewlett

A short documentary that examines and explores the reasons behind why the iconic, ubiquitous, compassionate and exuberant character of the Clown is regarded to be a dying breed in the world of entertainment. In equal parts tragedy and comedy, pathos and joy, practical joker and devilish prankster; the clown is both an extremely loved and inherently feared entity amidst popular culture. An in-depth interview with experienced modern day clown Pete Turner (otherwise known as Peanut the Clown), touches upon everything from the history of the Clowning and Circus industry, what the art form of Clowning represents in our society, the traditions of Clowning and the different types of Clowns you can find, to the ever-increasing fear of Clowns, focusing in particular on the psychology behind the fear and how the horror film concept of the 'Scary Clown' has perpetuated this fear, plaguing the general public's perception of the Clowning profession, spawning the psychological term Coulrophobia and ultimately contributing to the potential extinction of clowns all around the world.