METAL PREYERS is a transatlantic audio-visual project established by London-based musician and producer JESSE HACKETT, Chicago-based visual artist MARIANO CHAVEZ, UK sound-system producer LORD TUSK, and Northern Ugandan Acholitronix singing legend OTIM ALPHA. 

I travelled to Northern Uganda in 2019 to direct and edit two music videos for "PEPPA" & "THE CALLER". 

Visualisers were created for nearly every track for the group's AV project 'TERROR VISION'.

The group's debut album 'METAL PREYERS' was released in 2020 to critical acclaim. 

In late 2022, Metal Preyers released their second studio album, 'SHADOW SWAMPS'.

Their other releases include The Preying Well, Bo├Âtes Void, and 432+.